Gloria Bradford

Author, Teacher, Intercessor

But my story continues…

Excited by all of the possibilities now available to me as a Communications graduate, I was delighted to be hired by Verizon Communications where I thrived in the role of a Collections Representative for seven years. During that time, I began writing fiction stories and wrote my first play “Dinah” which was performed at the Paul Robeson Theatre in Brooklyn, New York in the year 2000. I was inspired by the impact my stories could have on an audience through my storytelling and was hooked. I went on to write other movie scripts such as “The Determined Heart” and “Miracle of The Aborted Fetus.” In 2008, I was compelled to transform my scripts into novels and in 2014 “Miracle of the Aborted Fetus” was published by Xlibris Publishing Co. located in Indiana. 



Fiction writing is my passion and I’ve authored more fiction novels, creating a mini Library of novels as I continue to gain inspiration to write even more interesting books.

Here are my books:

  • The Determined Heart
  • Miracle of the Aborted Fetus
  • Miracle of the Aborted Fetus part 2 (The life of Jonathan Lier)
  • Panic in the Basement
  • Doubled Trouble
  • It Was All About Prayers In Two Families Affairs
  • Why Argue With Yahweh He Still Gets The Job Done
  • Finally Free (The Story Of Myse Dellione.)
  • Love Returns at Christmas
  • The Intercessors Manual Volume 1

All of my books are available on Audible, iTunes, and Goodreads, for reading as well as listening pleasure.  

I am a Fiction Writing Coach…I am excited to introduce to you my platform for students who are interested in fiction writing which was launched in late 2020.

I am an Intercessor…I teach the art of Intercession in a group format via conference calling and am a strong Intercessor in The Body of Christ. 

I live in the State of New Jersey and have been married to my husband Leroy for more than 30 years. I have two children and one grandchild.


My Passion

Coached by a scriptwriter of Original Works Production in Connecticut, I have written and published ten (10) fiction books and counting.

As a fiction writer, my passion is to help others discover their  road to fiction writing, and finally fulfill their dream.

My Goal

I have learned and experienced that the more I imagine, the more I can write. I am committed to give of my gift by helping you discover your dream and vision.

With this in mind, my goal is to keep you motivated, stick to your initial goals, and finally write your story.  This will allow them to be revealed through your imagination.

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