Do you dream of becoming a Fiction Writer?

Fiction books are stories written by men and women just like me, who have used their imagination to write and create fictional episodes. Most of these stories have a moral that can relate to the past, present or future of a reader’s life, bringing answers that may be revealed to them. Oftentimes these revelations help the reader gain more clarity on an experience, help them to bring closure to past traumas or challenging episodes in their life or even ignite their imagination for creating new and exciting adventures. This opportunity to touch the life of a reader can also be yours.

In my mini Library, you will find books that are relatable, so please take some time to browse, get comfortable and peek into the lives of these amazing characters. In the fall of 2020, I began enrolling students for my coaching classes. If you are desirous of becoming a fiction writer and are serious about being creative with your God given gift, please complete the form provided to claim your FREE Discovery Call with me. Each aspiring author who enrolls, will receive one free copy of my book Finally Free – The Story of Myse Delione from my mini library.

I can’t wait to meet you! 

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